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Apple Seeds and Apples

Have you noticed in your own life, and in the lives of those close to you, that seasons of difficulty come and go periodically throughout life?  Sometimes these distressful, challenging, and even painful periods last for a short while, and at other times they seem to go on without end; but they eventually do end.

These seasons are common to all people, and no one is exempt from them.  They typically show up when we least expect them, and often with the message that some type of change needs to occur in our life, or to test a personal resolve, or to strengthen our character, among other reasons.  We live in a cyclical universe, and as with all expressions of nature, change is inevitable, as are the cycles of placid times and difficult times.

However, for some people, the season of difficulty appears and sets up a seemingly permanent camp.    Prayers for relief from the hardships seem to go unheard, and supplications for desired blessings go unanswered.  So people wait, and wait, and wait in hopes of a better life.

It is the fortunate individual who, through whatever means, comes to realize the connection between the thoughts he or she persistently thinks, and the life which mirrors those thoughts.  I will explain using examples in nature and in the nature of human experience.

If an individual decided that he or she wanted an apple orchard, it would stand to reason to plant apple seeds.  But if the individual planted the orchard with the seeds of a different fruit, say, figs, yet continued to expect apples, the wait for apples would be interminable.  One can beg a blue streak that those fig trees would produce an apple harvest, but the begging would be in vain.  A seed can only produce of its own kind.  This is the law of the harvest.

Our minds are the planting fields for our thoughts.  Whatever thoughts we place in our mind, and nurture by repeated reinforcement of the same thoughts, will yield their counterpart in the type of life we live.  In other words, our lives will match the nature of our thoughts. 

For example, if we are prone to worrying and live anxiously over lack of financial resources, yet do not find the way to mediate the financial stress, the life of stress and lack of financial resources will continue to define how we live.  On the other hand, if we are deeply desirous of a warm, loving, supportive relationship, and we live to extend warmth, love and support to others, there is a tremendous increase in the likelihood that we will draw to ourselves a relationship that is warm and loving and supportive.

James Allen, the author of, As A Man Thinketh, wrote, “Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.”  And from the Old Testament book of Proverbs we read, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

We live in a magnetic universe governed by laws.  These laws direct the course of life.

If we live in a state of fear, that fear will not embolden us to take risks and seek new adventures and new opportunities any more than living with courage will confine us to a shallow and lifeless existence.  Fear begets fear as courage begets courage.  These are seeds of thought that produce their own kind.  And regardless of the nature of our thoughts, they will surely produce their own kind, as the apple seed can and will only produce apples.

The beauty and privilege of being human beings is that we have the power to change our thoughts and thus, change our lives.  We are each born with infinite potential and endless possibilities.  However, it is up to each one of us to exercise personal will and determination to make a positive difference in our own lives.  As we marry our thoughts with the kind of life we wish to live, we live in alignment with our desires.  When we are living the life we most want to live, we make a positive difference to our own life, to the lives of those we love, and to the world in which we live.

If you would like for your life to align with your desires, or if you have dreams that you have not yet realized, please contact me via my website “Contact” page for more information on living the life you would most love to live.

To Your Growing Edge,

Dr. Sophia

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