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Thoughts For Creating a More Fulfilling Life

In today’s world wherein the vast majority of people are scrambling to find or create every moment within each 24 hours to address all the demands on our mental, emotional and physical resources, there is often one person who gets left out of the equation who also requires time and attention - and that person is YOU.  So, in the spirit of creating a more fulfilling life, I would like to offer three thoughts.

Thought #1: 
There is only one of you, and as such, your value is great, likely beyond your own recognition.  You have shown up as the present version of yourself with no duplication of you in human history before now or ever after.  What an exciting realization!  Because you matter so much, allow yourself to matter to yourself enough to count yourself and your personal need for time and attention into your daily affairs.  

It is difficult to be self-reflective, to grow, to tap into your intuition, to realize a greater measure of health, and to exercise the highest level of sound judgment and higher wisdom in the absence of personal time and necessary self-care. 

Nobody matters more than you or less than you.  But the only person that can truly take care of you, is YOU.  Embrace your uniqueness, for in doing so you will find the courage and the strength to reach inside of yourself and pull out your fine gifts and talents that have been quietly awaiting your discovery.  When you can honor and love the you who IS, right now, priorities will take on a whole new meaning.  Simply put, YOU MATTER! 

Thought #2: 
I believe that this quote by Steven Covey is so fitting with the content of Thought #1.  The key words in Steven Covey’s quote are, “decide…priorities…courage…” and a burning ‘yes.’ 

These powerful words and phrases come from and grow in our thoughts when we dare to dream and dream and dream.  And our dreams reveal themselves in our thoughts.  When we become conscious of our thoughts, we become conscious of our dreams.  And when our dreams replay themselves in our thinking, we can bank on the fact that we are being summoned to a new level of living. 

Our thoughts are the portals to all possibilities for our life.  As Napoleon Hill stated, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Our “willingness” to believe in ourselves and to believe in our dreams paves the path to the ultimate realization of those dreams.  The blessing of being able to have a dream, to choose a dream, to pursue a dream is matchless.  This freedom, this choice is not available to people everywhere in this world.  But it is available to you and to me. 

With this freedom, we can “choose” to exercise and unleash the transformative power poised within us to unlock and release our highest potential, to experience a renewal of vitality, to express the wonder of who we truly are.  The exercise of our choice to dream generates a shift in consciousness.  It allows for a big burning ‘yes’ to live inside of us until we birth that ‘yes’ into the light of day. 

Thought #3: 
Even in the most unlikely of places and under the most challenging of circumstances, it IS possible to rise above it all and blossom where you are planted.  As Mary Morrissey says, “There is nothing outside of you that is greater than what is inside of you.”  

Your innate power and potential that come from the infinite side of your nature make it possible for you to surmount the inevitable obstacles and challenges of life.  When you come to know these truths, courage walks with you and talks with you and never lets you forget who you truly are.  Claim your heritage and rise!

To Your Growing Edge,

Dr. Sophia

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