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CUTV News Talk Radio Interviews

As a way for you to become better acquainted with Dr. Sophia,
she invites you to listen to these two 30-minute globally broadcast radio shows
hosted by celebrity interviewer Jim Masters. 
These shows were recorded Live on CUTV News Talk Radio
out of New York on December 1 and December 16, 2016.

Listen to December 1 Interview

Listen to December 16 Interview

"It has been well established that the vast majority of people are much more likely to achieve their goals and dreams with the support and structured guidance of
a mentor and coach."

As you move through this website and become acquainted with the services and programs that I offer, you may have questions about whether these sevices are right for you.  

I would love to answer any of your questions, so feel free to scehdule a complimentary call with me.  Click Here

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The experiences, the feelings, the growth, the adventures, the understandings and the love of and for life keep on growing.  My experiences...

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