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Is Dream Building for You?

When your head and your heart tell you that there has got to be more to life than you are currently experiencing, you can bank on the fact that your life is yearning for a positive change.

In all likelihood, you long to live a happier, freer, fuller, more meaningful life marked by greater energy, enthusiasm, and excitement about getting up every morning.

Now, you are likely thinking, ‘Yes, but change to what, and how, and how long will it take?’ The answers to these questions of what, how, and how long all reside within you. 

However, because you do not have ready access to the answers does not mean that you cannot get the answers.  There is an established way to getting the answers that you need, and that way is the DreamBuilder Program. This Program was created for the express purpose of helping you to define your dream(s), to unlock your potential, and to bring your dream(s) into manifestation.

This is no more a pipe dream than turning on a faucet and expecting water to come flowing out, or flipping on a wall switch and having your environment filled with light, or boarding a plane and expecting to fly.

Every one of these conveniences was at first a thought in the mind of an individual(s) before these possibilities became practicalities.  Furthermore, each of these conveniences was brought forth by tapping into prevailing Universal Laws.  Universal Laws permeate the whole of existence as surely as they are intricately connected to the realization of success that each and every individual desires to experience.

The DreamBuilder Program is based and designed on Universal Laws and spiritual principles that are reliable, repeatable, and proven to work, just as the law of electricity, the law of thermodynamics (the conversion of energy from one form to another), the law of aerodynamics (the law that makes it possible for an airplane to fly), Newton’s third law of motion (for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction), and the law of the harvest (we reap what we sow).

There is nothing that we can see or hear, touch or taste, smell or experience that was not at first a thought in someone’s mind.  Everything is created twice; once in thought, and then in physical/practical/experiential form.  Life is eternally giving birth to our creations, be they positive or negative. 

Life is full of unlimited potential to create and to become.  And every creation starts with the seeds of our thoughts. 

"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start."  ~ Nido Qubein

I am here to help you tap your dream and bring it into manifestation for the life that you would most love to live! 

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To Your Growing Edge,

Dr. Sophia

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